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Answers to frequently asked questions by customer.

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QCan I use the service when I am not at home?

【Regular Service】Kurashinity is a service designed to assist working people. Therefore, we cater a housekeeping service where customers can be away from home while we provide the service. However, we request the customers to be at home during the initial visit.

【Spot Service】We request the customers to be at home.

QDo your staff bring cleaning tools?

We utilize the cleaning tools and detergents in your home. It will be efficient if you have a detergent suitable for the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, etc. In addition, we may ask you to prepare the necessary cleaning supplies at the first-time visit.

QWhat days and time can I utilize the service?

We provide housekeeping service on Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 18:00.
Customer Center is available on weekdays from 9:00 – 18:00 (call available 10:00-17:00) .
(excluding weekends and public holidays).

QCan you provide services for residences with pets?

During the service, we ask customers to keep your pets in cages. We currently do not offer pet-walking services nor touching your pets.

QCan the staff hand-wash delicate clothes such as gym clothes and washable shoes?

Yes, please give instructions on how you want the item to be hand-washed.

QIn case my service day falls on a holiday, can I still receive the service?

As we are close on holidays, there will be no services. You also have the option to reschedule. Kindly be informed that it will depending on staff availability.

QHow does your company manage the keys?

During the initial consultation, once you handed your house keys to our service coordinator, we shall be sending you a “Key-Holding Confirmation Form” online which states that our company will be managing your spare keys during the service contract period.

QHow does your company handle damages?

During the delivery of service, we ask customers to keep their valuables such as cash and jewelry. Nevertheless, in case items are broken due to our staff’s negligence, we are taking out liability insurance to cover the damages.

QWhat is Housekeeping Service?

A service where the housekeeper visits your home and takes care of the daily chores such as daily cleaning, washing and ironing. Kurashinity provides a housekeeping service carried out by our experienced staff, tailored to your lifestyle.

*Please see here for the difference from house cleaning.

QWhat are the Special Features of Kurashinity?

An experienced Filipino housekeeper who has undergone more than 400 hours of training will visit your home and provide housekeeping services.
For more information, please see "Special Features of Kurashinity" and "Why Kurashinity".

QHow can I start the service?

[Regular Service] Firstly, please apply for the "Initial Trial Service". We will contact you and set a visit date. During the visit, an est. 60-min consultation will be done such as service explanation, confirmation of cleaning areas and tools; on which to be followed by an actual cleaning. If you are happy, sign up and start the Regular Service!

[Spot Service] Please apply for the Spot service. We will contact you and set a visit date. Services will be provided once you sign up the contract.

QWhere are your service locations?

We provide the service in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures. For other areas, please contact us.

QWho uses housekeeping service?

It is used by a variety of people, including working couples, families with children, busy individuals, people who cannot clean due to many business trips, and expats stationed in Japan.

QWhat is the difference between House cleaning (deep cleaning) and Housekeeping Service?

House cleaning is professional cleaning using special equipment and industrial chemicals. ex.) Cleaning air conditioners and ventilation fans, removing stains from carpets and sofas, sorting and carrying out large amounts of garbage.

Kurashinity does not do house cleaning; we utilize your cleaning tools and detergents to do your daily housekeeping chores.

QHow long can you provide service at maximum?

We also provide services exceeding 3 hours. Please contact us.

QIs there a minimum reservation time?

We accept orders minimum of once a month, 3 hours.

QHow long is the estimated cleaning time?

It will vary depending on the room size and condition. Click here for reference. (URL of the page).

QWhat if the tasks are not finished in time?

We will do our best to finish the tasks within the service time. However, completion of task depends on the room size and condition.

QWhat is the business hours?

TEL : 10:00-17:00 Weekdays
Email : 9:00-18:00 Weekdays

QWhat is the emergency contact?

Toll free : 0120-700-809 (open 10:00-17:00 weekdays excl. holidays)

QHow do I apply for a service?

Please apply from the Kurashinity website.

QThere are many stuffs on the area I would like you to clean. Should I remove them in advance?

It would be helpful if you could remove them to save time. Please store valuables and cash in advance.

QWill you take away the trash that is collected from cleaning?

We do not take away the trash with us but we can dispose it according to your preference.

QWhat cleaning tools should I prepare?

Cleaning will be smooth if there are detergents suitable per area; such as bath, toilet and kitchen cleaners.
Moreover, we may ask you to prepare the necessary detergents during our visit.

QWhat is the payment method?

Currently, we only settle payments by credit card. (Visa , Master , JCB , AMEX , DINERS).
For Spot service, NP Atobarai air is also available.

<About NP Atobarai air>


It is a safe and easy payment method that allows you to pay later at "convenience stores," "post offices," "banks," and "LINE Pay."
There is no postpaid fee. The invoice will be mailed after the service is provided, please pay within 14 days of issuance.

For NP Atobarai air, the terms and conditions of Net Protections, Inc. is applied. We will provide personal information within the scope of the service. The maximum usage limit is 300,000 yen (tax included) in total.
Please check the details from the URL below.
If the user is a minor, please use it with the consent of a legal representative.

QIs it possible for others to apply / pay on my behalf?

Please apply and pay for the services on your own.

QDo you have a corporate contract?

We also provide the service for corporate customers such as condominium management companies, real estate owners, and corporate welfare programs. Please feel free to contact us.

QCan I request a one-time cleaning service?

Yes, we offer "Spot Services" to customers.

QCan I stay in the same room during the service? Will I get in the way during the cleaning?

It is not a problem.

QWhat kind of plan do you have?

There is a "Regular Service" that is provided regularly on fixed days, time, and staff. A "Spot Service" that can be used when you feel like it. If you are considering the "Regular Service", you can experience the cleaning with "Initial Trial Service".

QWhat is the difference between Regular Service and Spot Service?

"Regular Service" is a routine service that is customized to your lifestyle. Recommended for double-income households with children, singles, corporate managers, seniors, working from home individuals, etc.
"Spot Service" is a one-time service that can be used when you feel like it.
A convenient service that can be used on special days or when there are arriving guests, before and after moving, and year end cleaning.

QWhat are the benefits of Regular Service?

The same staff will be providing the services in your residence. Thus, you do not need give instructions every time. If you prefer, we can keep your keys during the contract duration and we can provide the service even when you are away.

QIs it possible to change the time, schedule, and tasks for one-time Regular Service?

Please contact the Customer Support Center by noon on the business day prior to the service date. We will change the time and schedule depending on the staff availability of your contracted service hours or more.

QIs it possible to use Regular Services every other week?
(I would like to use the service once every two weeks. Will this be a Regular Service as well?)

Regular service is available every other week.

QI don't know which plan suits me. How should I decide on a plan?

If you are considering for a Regular Service, please apply for the "Initial Trial Service" for a combination of a consultation service and an actual housekeeping experience.

QWhat is the ”Initial Trial Service"?

"Initial Trial Service" is a plan with a combo of consultation and actual housekeeping services. A trial service at a more affordable price specially offered for customers who are considering the "Regular Service".Please click the link for details.

QHow do I decide the areas to be cleaned?

[Regular service] Please consult with the coordinator during the Initial Trial Service.

[Spot service] Please let us know in your application or on the service day.

QIs there anything I should do before the service day?

We will utilize your cleaning supplies and tools. The cleaning will be smooth if detergents designated per area are prepared beforehand.
Furthermore, We ask you to store valuables and cash before we start the service.

QCan you clean the air conditioner and the kitchen hood?

These tasks are under house cleaning. Therefore, Kurashinity cannot deliver.

QCan you clean office and stores as well?

Our services are only limited to private homes.

QCan you babysit or pick-up and drop-off kids to school?

We cannot provide child care related services.

QHow does the Disinfection Service work? Which areas do you disinfect?

After the usual cleaning, we spray the antiviral nano-diamond disinfectant to areas where bacteria commonly grow. The spray does not only kill germs and bacteria, it keeps them away.

QDo you have moving support services?

We do not have moving support services. However, we can assist you with housekeeping and packing before and after you move apartments.

QWhat kind of tasks I can request?

Daily household chores such as hoovering and mopping of floors. Cleaning of areas such as the bath, kitchen, toilet, and windows. Laundry chores and taking-out the trash. Tasks are customized according to your preference.

QCan you walk and feed my pets and clean up their toilet?

We cannot provide child care related services.

QI have a clinic next to my home. Is it possible to ask housekeeping for both?

Kurashinity can only cater services in private homes.

QIs it possible to request child and elderly care who are at home?

We cannot provide child care related services.

QCan you clean my relocated husband's apartment who is living alone?

Our service locations are in Tokyo / Kanagawa (excl. some areas). Feel free contact us!

QIs it possible for multiple staff to provide the service at the same time?

[Regular Service] Please contact us.

[Spot Service] You can choose the number of housekeepers according to your request.

QCan you clean our second house?

Our service locations are in Tokyo / Kanagawa (excl. some areas). Feel free contact us!

QCan you describe the staff that will be assigned to my residence?

All of our staff are required to undergo and pass a customized training curriculum before they are selected to come to Japan. The training focuses not only in housekeeping skills but also professionalism required in the service industry.

QIs English communication possible?

During the initial visit, our English-speaking service coordinator together with the assigned housekeeper will be consulting with you the cleaning areas and the housekeeping task you wish to be done. Our Filipina housekeeper can also communicate in English. Moreover, we have an English customer call center ready to assist you.

QShould I offer the staff tips or drinks?

Not necessary.

QHow trained are the staff?

All staffs have the national qualifications for housekeeping in the Philippines and have taken Pasona's unique 400-hour training program designed for living and working in Japan. Even after entering Japan, we continue to provide training to improve Japanese language, hospitality, and housekeeping skills. As a Pasona employee, we provide various support so that they can be at ease and play an active role in the society.

QWhat are the characteristics of Filipino staff?

The Philippines, a country with the same "hospitality" as the Japanese, produces high quality housekeepers worldwide. Pasona believes that "Filipino housekeepers" are human resources who have both "hospitality" and "experienced skills", equipped with English skills that allows them to work globally and are capable to meet the high service quality required in Japan.

QI want the same staff to come every time.

With Regular Service, you can be rest assured that your designated staff will visit you every time to provide the service.

QCan I change the service schedule time, dates or cancel the service?

Please contact us at least by 12:00 noon one business day prior to your scheduled service to process your request.
You have the option to reschedule within one month from the original service date.
However, in case you have contacted us after 12:00 noon on the previous business day before the service, or there was no contact between you and our customer center; this will be considered an “On-the-day-Cancellation” of which you will be charged the full amount of the service fees.

QIs it possible to change the housekeeping task I requested for one time?

Please contact us at least by 12:00 noon one business day prior to your scheduled service. We will be cascading the change of request contents to the assigned staff.

QMay I change the work contents even after the contract is signed?

Please contact us by email or phone. We shall cascade your request to the staff, however, in case service time is not enough, we shall revisit and provide new estimates.

QIs it possible to change the service time, day, frequency, etc. even after the contract is signed?

If change request is submitted to us by 18:00 on the 10th of the current month (or the previous business day if it is a holiday), changes to the contract (service time, day, frequency, etc.) are applicable from the following month onwards.
*Depending on staff availability, you may have to wait.
*Re-assignment of staff may occur due to the changes.

QIs it possible to extend the service time on the day of service?

If there is an available staff, we will accept an extension.

QCan I suspend or terminate the contract?

Termination will be by the end of the following month if you make a request by 18:00 on the 10th of the current month (or the previous business day if it is a holiday). If you terminate the contract after the deadline, penalties will be applied.
・Contact by 1/8 (FRI) 18:00 → Termination at the end of February
・Contact after 1/8 (FRI) 18:00 →Termination at the end of March
・Contact after 1/8 (FRI) 18:00 to request for termination at the end of February
→ Termination at the end of February is possible with a penalty worth one-time contracted service fees.
・Contact after 18:00 on 1/8 (FRI) to request for termination at the end of January. (In case never used the services January)
→ Termination at the end of January is possible with a penalty worth two-times contracted services fees.

You have the option to suspend the service with a holding-fee worth one-time contracted service fee charged for every month the service is suspended. Upon resumption, the staff, service schedules and rates will remain the same. Or you can terminate the contract.

QI would like to cancel a service due to infectious disease.

If you or your family member are infected or have been identified as a close contact, please notify us even after the cancellation deadline (noon on the previous business day).

QI would like to cancel a service due to natural disaster such as typhoon.

If it is difficult (or if you can anticipate the difficulty) for the staff to travel by public transport due to a natural disaster such as a typhoon or heavy snow, you can cancel the service free of charge. There are instances that we may ask you to cancel or re-schedule the service.

QI want to change my registered information.

Please contact our Customer Support Center and we will update your information.