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Website and Service Renewal

Thank you for visiting Kurashinity’s website. We are pleased to inform you that we have upgraded our website and service options to grant more access convenience to clients. We have simplified our regular plan options, revised the service rates to provide more flexibility to users. Moreover, new service options are constructed to accommodate not only housekeeping needs but also technical cleaning services. The new service options are available from September 2020. We will continue to work on our website and service development to bring you the best housekeeping service the market has to offer. Thank you for choosing Kurashinity!

Regular Plan Price List: To be applied on September 2020
Day Hourly Fees Frequency Service hours/service Est. transportation cost Total Monthly Fees
Weekday ¥3,000 Weekly 3 hours ~ ¥900 / service ¥39,600 ~
Weekday ¥3,300 Bi-weekly 3 hours ~ ¥900 / service ¥21,600 ~
Weekday ¥3,300 Weekly 2 hours ~ 2.5 hours ¥900 / service ¥30,000 ~
Saturday ¥3,300 Bi-weekly / Weekly 3 hours ~ ¥900 / service ¥21,600 ~

※ Price stated above are tax exclusive. ※ In case there is 5th week in a calendar month, 1 service shall be added. Details:Price Plans

【Optional Services】
Disinfection Cleaning 1 time: \10,000/service
Regular: ¥5,000/service
House Cleaning Air conditioner: from ¥12,000 ~
Decluttering Services from ¥5,000/service ~
Cooking Services from ¥3,000/hour ~
Food Delivery Services from ¥3,880 ~

※ Consumer tax and transportation expense are charged on top of the optional service fees. Details:Regular Service

【For Further Inquiries】 Pasona Housekeeping Service 「KURASHINITY」 Tel: 0120-700-809  E-mail: housekeeping@pasona.co.jp Business Hours:09:00〜18:00(Exc. Weekends and Public Holidays) (Call Center:10:00〜17:00、Email Center:9:00〜18:00)

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