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Comprehensive service options for Regular Service users

A housekeeper providing disinfection cleaning

Comprehensive Service Options

Offering a wide range of optional services for Regular Service users.
Choose your favorite option according to your needs.

Disinfection Cleaning

With the Nano-Diamond disinfectant spray, your home is clear from harmful bacteria.
Highly recommended to use once a month.
A more affordable service rates offered for customers wanting to have this service regularly.

Fees Once Regular (Once-a-month)
¥11,000 / service ¥5,500 / service
※Tax inclusive
A housekeeper providing disinfection cleaning

Professional Specialized Cleaning*

Air conditioner, Kitchen exhaust, Bathtub Aprons and other deep cleaning task that needs specialized equipment and industrialized cleaning chemicals.

Sample Fees Air conditioner Kitchen Exhaust Kitchen, Bath and Toilets (Pick 2 areas)
¥13,200 ~ ¥17,600 ~ ¥29,700 ~
※Tax inclusive
cleaning air conditioner

Decluttering Service (Provided by our service partners)*

Year-end decluttering and moving to a new home and organizing task can be provided with a professional staff assigned.

Fees ¥5,500 / hour X 3 hours ~
※Tax Inclusive・Transportation Fees Exclusive
A housekeeper organizing and storing items

Cooking Service*

A service for customers who just want to enjoy a good meal after going back home. This service can be used one time. Meal options are offered after consulting your preferred dish and food preparation rules.

Fees Hours consumed will be depending on the menu
¥3,300 / hour ~
※Tax Inclusive・Transportation Fees Exclusive
Cooking service

Meal delivery service*

Customers who prefer to have a well-balance diet meal delivered on their door step. Bento meals that are nutritiously prepared to prevent lifestyle-related diseases. Just heat the bento and bon Appetit!

Fees 6 servings 1 time ~
¥4,268 ~
※Tax Inclusive・Delivery Fees Exclusive
Meal delivery service

※ 「*」Services will be provided by our service partners.
※ These are optional services for customers using the regular service. Optional services cannot be used alone.
※ Transportation fees will be additionally charged.
※ For details, please send us an inquiry!