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Training Reports

Hospitality Training on Disinfection Services

On June, 2020, Kurashinity invited Ms. Tamami Ootsu, Chairman of General Incorporated Japan Cleaning and Organizing Association to conduct a training on how to properly disinfect homes.

In this COVID-19 pandemic, as a housekeeping agency, we have deepened our knowledge and skills regarding disinfection and antibacterial cleaning to protect client’s home from infectious diseases.

This is the first Kurashinity staff training held after the outbreak of COVID-19. We followed safety protocols by conducting a class with few trainees, wearing masks, and constantly ventilating the class room to prevent viral infections. The staff gained new knowledge on the risk of infectious diseases and various precautionary measures to avoid it.

Firstly, the staff were taught on the core countermeasure, how to do proper hand washing and how to wear a mask properly.

After this, the staff were introduced to a special disinfectant. “Anti-virus Nano Diamond Spray”. The staff learned how to use it efficiently to prevent infections in clients’ homes. They also understood the safety precautions that should be noted when using this special disinfectant.

“Anti-virus Nano diamond spray,” is a disinfectant which contains 80% alcohol and nano- diamond catalyst. For long lasting anti-virus effect, the disinfectant must sit 15 seconds on the surface such as table or floors before wiping it off. A practical training was conducted for the staff to understand its effectivity and usage depending on the area.

Kurashinity started the “Disinfection Services” as part of our optional services to fight off COVID-19. The service is provided with 2 staff assigned. The staff will start off by conducting detailed cleaning, to be followed by disinfecting using the “Anti-virus Nano diamond spray” disinfecting switches, hand rails, remote controls and other surfaces which are commonly touch by the hands.

1 Disinfecting common touch points
2 Nano Diamond Spray
3 Ms. Tamami Ootsu,Chairman of General Incorporated Japan Cleaning and Organizing Association
4 Black light test utilized to check proper hand washing

・Daily monitoring of staff's health condition.
・Staff's cleaning tools, cloths and slippers are constantly disinfected.
・Wearing mask is a part of our staff's uniform.
・Hand-washing and gargling are continuously conducted.
・Airing out of confined spaces

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