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Customer's Voice

Customer's Voice

Kurashinity staff are friendly, helpful, and flexible

British, Male, Single
Bi-weekly services, 3 hours.

I have found the Kurashinity housekeeping staff reliable, trustworthy and efficient. I like that I get the same person each time, and that when substitutes are needed, they come fully aware of my home and where everything is kept. They are friendly, helpful, and flexible should I have a special need one week. They communicate clearly in English, which is a major plus for me in Japan. The Customer Centre has always replied quickly and efficiently to my questions and schedule changes. They only send the emails when needed, and I find every email useful. Add on services, such as aircon and stove hood cleaning, have gone well in general. In the case of any problem, it was handled logically and without extra cost to me, both of which were greatly appreciated. I chose Kurashinity based on language skills in English, price per hour, continuity in housekeeping staff, ability to vary the schedule for absences or special events, and the professionalism of the ongoing work. My home is cleaner than before, my clothes are better looked after, and my quality of life has increased. I am very happy with Kurashinity.

Kurashinity can help with hosting home parties

Australian, Female, Married couple
Weekly Service, 3 hours

I’ve been using Kurashinity for a half year now and have been thrilled with the difference it has made for me. The first reason of choosing Kurashinity was the recommendation from one of my friends, and also I used to have a Filipino housekeeper work for me when I assigned in Singapore. With my demanding full-time job, the days just seem to fly by. But now, I no longer spend weekends catching up on household chores. Due to COVID19, I have more fun inviting some of my close friend to my house rather than dining out. Kurashinity always makes my home party-ready clean every time I am hosting one. What’s best is that I can always request for additional service to help me clean up the mess after the party. I think all the Kurashinity housekeepers have enough training prior to working for clients, as well as continuous training on the job in Japan. Not only English capability, I love not only their cleaning skills but also their professionalism. The English Call Center support was a big plus and on how accommodating they are to clients! I will sure recommend Kurashinity to my friends!

Kurashinity provides services the way you want

Canadian, Female, Single
Weekly Service, 3 hours

I have been looking for an English housekeeping service since I have arrived in Tokyo. There were several but I noticed that Kurashinity’s website was more user friendly. The information is straight forward and easy to comprehend. There English customer support is offered both by emails and calls. The housekeeping staff are from Philippines so they speak English. The service coordinator on the first visit speaks English as well, therefore there were no communication barriers. The scheduling is also very flexible. In case I am out of the country, I have the option to reschedule the service. Re-scheduling policies are reasonable as well.
I have a designated staff coming to my residence to provide the service. Hence, as she has a full understanding of my request including my pet’s favorite snack, I do not need to repeat everything what I have instructed. In case I rescheduled a service, a substitute housekeeping staff is assigned and what amazes me is that she has all the information necessary to provide the service. Therefore, I am not worried that my requests are not done. Kurashinity is an essential part of my life here in Tokyo!

The most English friendly housekeeping service in Tokyo

Canadian, Female, Family
twice a Week, 3 hours

A friend recommended Kurashinity to me. She is also a customer of Kurashinity. She reckons that Kurashinity provides the best customer friendly English Housekeeping service in Tokyo.
My friend contacted several housekeeping service. They have mentioned that the housekeeping staff are English speakers coming from the Philippines. However, my friend found it challenging to communicate with their call center. Both my friend and I liked Kurashinity’s website as the information is easy to comprehend and most importantly, the service contract policies were transparent.
Since we are a family, my request changes depending on the situation of my home.
Another thing that I like about Kurashinity is their flexibility to evaluate and do my request when I need them to. Such requests include, peeling of fruits and keeping it the fridge, storing groceries in the pantry and so on…
Talking about service fees, the pricing information is great! No hidden charges like other housekeeping agencies. Other agencies charge when they keep your keys or when you reschedule the service. The price information on the website is very direct which makes it stress-free! I am happy with the staff assigned to our residence. She is never late, and has a deep understanding of what to do! Very professional indeed!
Like my friend, I will definitely recommend Kurashinity to the new expats relocating in Tokyo!

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