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Training Reports

Hospitality Training on Higher Level of Housekeeping Service

※This training was taken in November 2019.
The housekeepers in Kurashinity are internationally exposed Filipino women in their 30’s.
Kurashinity conducts a careful selection process and provides a high level of customized training in the Philippines.

Housekeepers having trainings

This time, a training session was specially designed on how to serve and receive guest during home parties and home events hosted by clients.

As part of the "Housekeeper Meister Program", the training was envisioned to be a home party set-up. Instructors from the Japan Table Manners Association were invited to educate selected 12 Kurashinity staff.

To begin with, the staff learned the types and handling methods of tableware and cutlery; followed by various type of table setting and how to do them; how to serve dishes and finally the types of glasses and the variety of beverages. It took half day to learn the training contents.

Pasona’s final objective of the training is not only for the staff to understand the theories of the training contents but also for them to master and review the practical requirements needed to assist clients during home parties and events. Staff practiced table setting, folding napkins, pouring beverages, choosing glasses according to the drinks and etc.

The staff also pro-actively asked questions about water temperatures set when washing dishes and wine glass wiping methods that they may encounter after the clients’ home parties.

Housekeepers taking trainings eagerly

For the staff who are non-alcohol drinkers, it was almost their first-time experience of pouring beverages in a wine glass. The staff practice on the proper way and grasping the temperature when serving variety of drinks such as water, sparkling wine, white and red wine. They also exercise how to wipe off moisture on the bottle and to show the guest the bottle label before serving the drinks.

Serving drinks

Furthermore, the staff learned and practiced the basics of understanding the timing when asking the guest if they are done with the meal before removing the used plates and serving new dishes.

The ending of the training was a practical individual test covering washing the cutlery, serving of drinks, and setting the table. After the training, the staff enthusiastically said that they cannot wait to apply what they have learned on the day’s training in their clients so as to provide a better service and make them happier.

With the Filipino’s inborn heart of hospitality, Kurashinity aims to train and develop our staff to provide the highest quality of service for our clients to experience the “luxury touch” of housekeeping service.