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Initial Trial ServiceInitial Trial Service

A service intended for clients who are considering using the “Regular Service”. On this service, a consultation is followed by an actual housekeeping service for you to experience our quality.

A consultant on the initial trial service

What is Initial Trial Service?

This service is for customers who meet the following conditions.

For customers who apply Kurashinity for the first time.

For customers who are considering using the "Regular Service"

Initial Trial Service (2 hours)


A customer receiving a consultation

A consultation followed by an actual housekeeping service and confirmation of cleaning areas and tools.


Experience Kurashinity Quality!

A housekeeper ironing clothes

Trial cleaning is provided in 60 minutes.


Price (Tax incl.)¥5,500

Staff1 staff + a coordinator
(Free Transportation Fees)

Service provision hoursMonday – Saturday (service is not provided Sundays or public holidays)

※In case you wish to reschedule after the service date has been confirmed, please contact us by 12:00 noon, one business day prior to the service date.

※Service cancellations without prior notice or cancellations on the service date shall be charged with the full service amount of ¥5,500.

A housekeeper folding laundry Housekeeper wiping windows A housekeeper mopping the floor A housekeeper cleaning washroom
A housekeeper mopping the floor A housekeeper cleaning washroom

Flow of the day

Customers must be at home during the "Initial Trial Service".
(Customers can be away-from-home during the "Regular Service")



A visit on the initial trial service

A housekeeper and a coordinator will visit your place.


Explanation of Our Service

A customer having a consultation

Estimate the overall cleaning duration.


Confirmation of cleaning locations and tools.

A housekeeper and a customer checking the areas to clean and cleaning tools

Check the areas where you would want to be cleaned and confirmation of the cleaning supplies to be used.


Cleaning Experience

A housekeeper ironing clothes

A housekeeper will provide an actual cleaning service.


Service Quality Check

Key storage

Quality checking of the areas cleaned.
Receiving of your keys if you prefer to have the service when you are away.


QHow do I decide the areas to be cleaned?

We will provide 60 minute actual cleaning service.
Please choose the areas where you would like us to clean.

QThere are many stuffs on the area I would like you to clean. Should I remove them in advance?

It would be helpful if you could remove them to save time.
Please store valuables and cash in advance.

QWhat cleaning tools should I prepare?

We will use the cleaning tools and detergents in your home.
It will be smooth if you have a detergent suitable for the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, etc.
In addition, we may ask you to prepare the necessary detergent prior to the first-time visit.