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Pasona has been aiming to build a society where work can adapt to the lifestyle changes of individuals.
We launched “Kurashinity”, a housekeeping service designed to support “Work-Life Balance”.

Smiling housekeeper and a customer

Pasona Quality

The staffs are Filipino and hold national housekeeping qualifications.
Pasona does local recruitment, staff education and provides daily-life support in Japan. Pasona's unique HR development programs for foreign housekeepers execute more than 400 hours of training and world-class service quality.

Housekeepers of Kurashinity

Pasona's HR Training Programs


Filipino Housekeeper's
World Renowned Hospitality

All Filipino staff have more than 1 year of overseas housekeeping work experience in
places such as the Middle East, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. They have an
understanding of the lifestyle of both Japan and abroad.
Pasona believes that "Filipino housekeepers" are human resources who posses both "hospitality" and "wealth experience";
have English skills that allow them to work globally and have the ability
to meet the high level of service quality required in Japan.

Housekeepers of Kurashinity

Why Kurashinity employs
Filipino housekeepers?

Housekeepers of Kurashinity
Housekeepers of Kurashinity

Certified as a Secure
Housekeeping Service Provider

Housekeeping service accreditation is an assessment organization constituted of “Japan Housekeeping Service Council” and “Japan Standard Association Group”.
This organization evaluates and publicize the service quality of housekeeping service providers for users to rationally select.


Skill-certified Level

With Pasona's unique "Housekeeper Meister Program", staff are classified into five levels based on the work duration both abroad and Japan; evaluation of the regular trainings, service performance, and language skills. Regular trainings are provided aiming to improve the skills required in Kurashinity and in order to be a high-grade quality service provider.

Housekeeper Meister Program

Housekeeper Meister Program


Housekeeper Meister Program
5 Levels of
Certified Skills Grading

Housekeeper Meister Program in 5 Levels
Kurashinity Housekeeper and a Customer

Reliable Designated Staff

Customers can feel at ease of having a designated staff visiting your residence for each regular service. For any inquiries regarding staff assignment, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Value Customer Privacy and
Services Covered by Damage Insurance

In addition to meticulous privacy management, in the event concrete damages occur due to an accident during the service provision, customers are at ease as the services are covered by liability insurance.

Value Customer Privacy and Services Covered by Damage Insurance