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Why Kurashinity employs Filipino housekeepers?

Attractiveness of employing Filipino housekeepers including world-class hospitality and training programs

Housekeepers of Kurashinity

World-Renowned Hospitality

Housekeepers of Kurashinity

All the staff are certified holders of nationally recognized skill qualifications.

The Philippines, a country with the same "hospitality" as the Japanese, produces high quality housekeepers worldwide. Pasona believes that "Filipino housekeepers" are human resources who have both "hospitality" and "experienced skills", equipped with English skills that allows them to work globally and are capable to meet the high service quality required in Japan.

Kurashinity's Filipino Housekeeper

Filipino housekeepers who hold the national qualification for housekeeping are equipped the following spirits and skills.


Omotenashi Filipino Hospitality


Exceptional Cleaning Skill


Fluent English

Housekeepers having trainings

Training Program

Housekeeper doing bedmaking

Filipino housekeepers who master the Japanese Standard of housekeeping services

All the staff hold a nationally recognized housekeeping skill certificate, required to undergo and pass 400-hours of customized trainings covering housekeeping skills, hospitality skills and living in Japan. As Pasona's employee, all the housekeeper are provided support with their new work life in Japan.

Global Company for Education, Training and HR Services
In collaboration with Magsaysay Global Services Inc.,
globally exposed professional housekeepers are employed in Japan.

Magsaysay Group of Companies is a major conglomerate in the Philippines providing education, training and global HR services for a wide range of industry such as hospitality, tourism, cargo logistics, and etc. for over 65 years.
Especially in the field of housekeeping, the training institution, Magsaysay Center of Hospitality and Culinary Arts has designed global standard training curriculums and has produced 5.500 professional staff who are professionally active all over the world.