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【until the end of March 2021】 Friend Referral Campaign

Kurashinity is pleased to announce the extension of  "Friend Referral Campaign" until the end of March 2021. With great perks that you can choose  now!

"Disinfection/ antibacterial service" benefit has also been added for introducers.

For family who wants to welcome the new year comfortably..Holidays are coming ♪
For friends who are about to start a new life, such as giving birth or returning to work soon..
Kurashinity will deliver a joyful and comfortable life ♪

★☆ Friend Referral Campaign ☆★
If your friend signed-up for regular service  by March 31, 2021
A nice gift awaits you and your friends!

【 Choose from 5 Presents 】
[1] 【For Introducers】
Disinfection /antibacterial service" free of charge on your regular service day (1 full-time staff & 30 minutes added)

[2] 【For Friends Referred】
The trial service worth ¥5,000 AND the 1st regular service are FREE!

[3] 【Both introducer and friends】
Worth ¥5,000 of fresh veggies from Pasona Group's "Bio Agri" farm in Awaji Island.

[4] 【Both introducer and friends】
Worth ¥5,000 of Organic Veggies and Rice from the "Dream Farm" situated in Yachiyo City, Chiba. The produce are grown by individuals with disabilities.

[5] 【Both introducer and friends】
From "Tango Kingdom Brewery", one of the largest roadside stations in western Japan, "Set of 3 homemade craft beers and 5 sausages" (worth ¥5,000).

▼From the "first trial service"▼
* Please enter the name of the introducer in the "Campaign code" field of the application form.

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