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Amendments of the Service Terms and Conditions Regarding Minimum Usage Fees

Thank you very much for patronizing Kurashinity.

To ensure the staff’s working schedule productivity, Kurashinity will start to implement “Minimum Usage Fees” to all regular service users. The “Minimum Usage Fees” is equivalent to the “One-time Regular Service Hours” (Transportation is not charged).

Due to these changes, the official service terms and conditions of our regular housekeeping services shall be revised and implemented as of January 01, 2021. Please be informed that there are also other policy revisions in the matters of service re-schedules, contract cancellation and the cancellation fees.

We will continue to exert our utmost effort to provide the best housekeeping service in the market.
We kindly ask for your understanding with the new service policy changes in Kurashinity.

■Implementation:January 01, 2021
Article 15 Minimum Usage Fee
The minimum usage fee for one month under a Service Agreement will be the amount of fees for one use of the Service under the Service Agreement, and the minimum usage fee will be charged in any of the following items; provided, however, that when Cancellation charges arise under paragraph 3 of the preceding Article, the Cancellation charges or the minimum usage fee, whichever is higher, will be charged:
1)    When the User Member wishes Cancellation of the Service for a whole month: the minimum usage fee for the month
2)    When the User Member wishes Cancellation as of the last day of the following month by giving notice after the Time Limit for Renewal Confirmation (18:00 on the 10th day of the preceding month, provided that if the 10th day falls on a holiday, it will be the preceding business day): the minimum usage fee for the second month following the month of notice

■Other Policy Revisions:
Article 14   Reschedule and Service Cancellation
Article 20   Contract Cancellation

■Please check the full revised version of the Service Terms and Conditions 

【Service Flexibility Revisions】
●Cancellation of All Regular Service for 1 month
《Current》Clients have the option to cancel all the regular services for a month with No Charges applied. 

《Revisions》Please choose among below options
① Minimum Usage Fees (One-time Regular Service Hours) will be charged for the cancellation of all the services for one month. There will be no changes on your contracted regular plan and the staff assigned.

② Contract Cancellation. If you wish to resume the service, new regular plan, staff and schedule will be introduced.

●Contract Cancellation Fees
Cancellation shall be notified by 18:00 on the 10th two-months prior to the month you wish to stop the service.
In case you missed the cut off date and time. Penalties are applied.

Full service to be provided by the end of next month and 60% is charge as penalty for the following month. 

Full service to be provided by the end of next month. 
However, you have the option to cancel the contract anytime at your convenience as long as the Minimum Usage Fees (One-time Regular Service Hours) is paid.

【For Further Inquiries】
Pasona Inc.
Housekeeping service “Kurashinity”
TEL : 0120-700-809 (reception hours: weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00)
MAIL: housekeeping@pasona.co.jp (reception hours: weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00)

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