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Introducing New Regular Service Plan!「Once a Month Cleaning」

We will be launching a new once a month regular plan from January 2021.

Unlike the current Spot Service, the same dedicated staff will visit your home every month.
Our professional cleaner will work on areas that you cannot usually clean your-self.

The number of people telecommuting has been increasing recently, however, clients prefer a housekeeping service once a month when they are away from home. With this new monthly plan, you can conveniently do your errands outside and have a professional prepare your home to be relaxation-ready!

Please see the outline below, we look forward to your application.

■Regular Service:1/month Plan
■Service Availability:January 5, 2021(Tue)
・Service Fee:\4,200/hour
※ Transportation Fee of¥900 applies.
・Minimum of 3 hours per service.
Monthly Cost 
Ex: 1 time 3 hours:\4,200×3 hours +Transportation Fee \900 = \13,500

・Same staff will visit every month on fixed days (Monday-Friday) and hours.
・Initial Trial Service Fee of \5,000 for 2 hours will apply.
・We can keep your key and provide the service even when you are away.

※Stated prices do not include consumption tax

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