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Revision of Service Terms and Conditions Associated with Total-Cost Pricing Mandate

Thank you for choosing Kurashinity as your housekeeping partner!
Along with the government mandate that all pricing must be displayed in total cost consequently consumers tax will be included. 
Starting from April 1, 2021, the Service Terms and Conditions for the “Regular Service” and “Spot Service” will be revised as follows.
■Date Revised:April 1, 2021 (Thursday)

■Clause Revised:

「Regular Services Terms and Conditions」
Article 7  Usage Fees of Service and Payment

「Spot Services Terms and Conditions」
 Article 6  Usage Fees and Payment Method for Spot Service

《Current》Service Transportation Fee 900 (tax exc.) / service
《Revised》Service Transportation Fee 990 (tax inc.) / service

■Revised Terms and Conditions:
「Regular Services Terms and Conditions」
「Spot Services Terms and Conditions」

There are no other operational charges associated with this revision.

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