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Price Plans

Regular Service

A housekeeping service with a fixed service day, time and staff.
An estimate will be provided during the initial trial plan.

tax inclusive

Day Frequency Hourly Fees Service hours /service Total Fees /service Transportation Charge Total Fees + Transportation Fees/service Total Monthly Fees※
Weekday Weekly ¥3,300 3 hours ¥9,900 ¥990 ¥10,890 ¥43,560
Bi-weekly ¥3,630 3 hours ¥10,890 ¥990 ¥11,880 ¥23,760
Monthly ¥4,620 3 hours ¥13,860 ¥990 ¥14,850 ¥14,850
Saturday Weekly Bi-weekly ¥3,630 3 hours ¥10,890 ¥990 ¥11,880 ¥47,520 ¥23,760

※The initial trial plan is required to sign up for the regular services.

※Above stated total monthly fees is for 4 services/month and 2 services/month every 2 weeks with 1 staff providing the services.

※For service hours more than stated above, please consult with us!

※If the regular service day falls on a holiday, we shall be notifying you of the possible service dates for re-scheduling.

Spot Service (One-time)

A one-time service you can utilize anytime that works for you!
With your desired service content, you can choose the service duration and the number of staff assigned!

tax inclusive

Plan Fees per service Transportation Charge Total Fees
1 staff / 3 Hours ¥16,500 ¥990 ¥17,490
2 staffs / 1.5 Hours ¥16,500 ¥990 ¥17,490
2 staffs / 3 Hours ¥33,000 ¥990 ¥33,990

※Please be at home during the service time.

※For service hours more than stated above, please consult with us!

※For Disinfection Cleaning, please feel free to contact us!

Initial Trial Services

1 staff + service coordinator x 2 hours

tax inclusive

First-Time Users Service Charge Service hours/service Transportation Charge Total Fees
1 staff + service coordinator ¥5,500 2 hours Free ¥5,500

※Please be at home during the service time.

※In case you wish to reschedule after the service date has been confirmed, please contact us by 12:00 noon, one business day ahead prior to the service date.

※Service cancellations without prior notice or cancellations on the service date shall be charged with the full service amount of ¥5,500.

List of Services

KurashinityCOVID19 Precautionary

  • Daily monitoring of staff's health condition.
  • Staff's cleaning tools, cloths and slippers are constantly disinfected.
  • Wearing mask is a part of our staff's uniform.
  • Hand-washing and gargling are continuously conducted.
  • Airing out of confined spaces

Services area

*Providing housekeeping services in Tokyo and Kanagawa area.

*Some areas may need further consultation.

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