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Regular Service

Experienced Filipino staff will be providing the service in your residence and do you household chores in behalf of you. Household chores such as ironing, shopping and any of your requested housekeeping tasks.

Features of Kurashinity Regular Service

6 reasons to choose Kurashinity

  • 1. Certified as a secure
    housekeeping service provider

    Housekeeping service accreditation is an assessment process conducted by both Japan Housekeeping Service Council and Japan Standard Association Group of which these organization evaluate the service quality of all the housekeeping service agencies in Japan.

  • 2. A Pasona quality.
    Pasona is a leading comprehensive HR
    solutions corporation in Japan.

    All the staff are Philippine nationals, holding a nationally recognized qualification. Pasona is closely involve in the staff’s recruitment process, training and society integration support. The staff have undergone more than 400 hours of training.

  • 3. Worldly renowned hospitality
    and English speaking ability

    All the staff have at least 1 year relevant housekeeping work experience in different parts of the world. From Middle East, Hongkong, Taiwan, and Singapore, the staff have abundant experience in adapting various cultural working environments and client requirements. A bilingual housekeeping staff who is exposed globally and have a deep understanding on the Japanese housekeeping style expectations.

  • 4. Staff skill certified grading system

    Basing on Pasona's exclusive “Housekeeper Meister Program”, the staff are categorized into 5 levels depending on the number of years of housekeeping work experience, language skills, service skills and regular training performance evaluations.

  • 5. Reliable designated staff

    Clients can feel at ease of having a designated staff visiting your residence for each regular service. For any inquiries regarding staff assignment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • 6. Value client privacy and services covered by damage insurance

    In addition to meticulous privacy management, in the event concrete damages occur due to an accident during the service provision, clients are at ease as the services are covered by liability insurance.

Regular Service Contents

Below task are covered in Kurashinity’s regular services.

Regular Service Contents Regular Service Contents

Situations where Regular Services is Utilize

3-hour service simulation for working couples or families with children

3-hour service simulation for working couples or families with children

Kurashinity supports working couples, families with children, families who are busy with child rearing, families who want to utilize the weekends doing more fun activities with their children.
Not only cleaning and laundry, Kurashinity can also iron the children’s school uniform and fixing loose buttons.

  • 9:00

    Room ventilation, Laundry
    15 mins

  • 9:15

    Clean up breakfast, Kitchen cleaning
    30 mins

  • 9:45

    Bathroom cleaning
    20 mins

  • 10:05

    Hang out the laundry
    15 mins

  • 10:20

    Powder room & Toilet cleaning
    30 mins

  • 10:50

    Window cleaning (Livingroom, Dining room)
    20 mins

  • 11:10

    Dusting (Livingroom, Dining room)
    10 mins

  • 11:20

    Vacuum cleaning, Floor cleaning
    20 mins

  • 11:40

    Ironing (3~5 pcs)
    15 mins

  • 11:55

    Taking-out the garbage
    5 mins

  • 12:00

※ A family consisting of working couples and children living in 2LDK〜3LDK homes acquiring an away-from-home services.

3-hour service simulation for families with senior family members or entrepreneurs working from home.

3-hour service simulation for families with senior family members or entrepreneurs working from home.

Clients working from home also have the option to customize their request such as airing the futon, receiving deliveries, grocery shopping, or any housekeeping tasks that you would be needing during the service day.

  • 14:30

    Clean up Lunch, Kitchen cleaning
    30 mins

  • 15:00

    Shopping (food & Commodity)
    40 mins

  • 15:40

    Bathroom, Powder room & Toilet cleaning
    50 mins

  • 16:30

    Dusting (Livingroom, Dining room)
    10 mins

  • 16:40

    Vacuum cleaning, Floor cleaning
    30 mins

  • 17:10

    Cleaning Pet’s cage
    20 mins

  • 17:30

※Aside from the daily cleaning task, at-home clients have the option to customize their request on the day of the service.

※The service contents shall be align to the clients request after the consultation.

Price Plan

Monthly Fees
Hourly Fees ✕ 1 Time Service Fees ✕ Number of Services + Est. Transportation Cost of ¥900 / visit

Day Hourly Fees Frequency Service hours per service Transportation Charge Total Monthly Fees
Weekday ¥3,000 Weekly 3 hours 〜 ¥900 / service ¥39,600 〜
Weekday ¥3,300 Bi-weekly 3 hours 〜 ¥900 / service ¥21,600 〜
Weekday ¥3,300 Weekly 2 hours 〜 2.5 hours ¥900 / service ¥30,000 ~
Saturday ¥3,300 Bi-weekly / Weekly 3 hours 〜 ¥900 / service ¥21,600 〜

※Tax exclusive

※In case there is 5th week in a calendar month, 1 service shall be added.

※If the regular service day falls on a holiday, we shall be notifying you of the possible service dates for re-scheduling.

Comprehensive Service Options

  • Disinfection Cleaning

    Disinfection Cleaning

    With the Nano-Diamond disinfectant spray, your home is clear from harmful bacteria.
    Highly recommended to use once a month.
    A more affordable service rates offered for clients wanting to have this service regularly.

    FeesOnce¥10,000 / service
    Regular (Once-a-month)¥5,000 / service
  • Professional Specialized Cleaning

    Professional Specialized Cleaning

    Air conditioner, Kitchen exhaust, Bathtub Aprons and other deep cleaning task which needs specialized equipment and industrialized cleaning chemicals.

    Sample FeesAircon¥12,000 ~
    Kitchen Exhaust¥16,000 ~
    Bathroom and Toilets¥27,000 ~
  • Decluttering Services

    Decluttering Services

    Year-end decluttering and moving to a new home organizing task can be provided with a professional staff assigned.

    Fees¥5,000 / hour X 3 hours ~¥15,000 ~
  • Cooking Services

    Cooking Services

    A service for clients who just want to enjoy a good meal after going back home. This service can be used one time. We shall offer you meal options after consulting your preferred dish and food preparation rules.

    FeesHours consumed will be depending on the menu¥3,000 / hour ~
  • Meal delivery service

    Meal delivery service

    Clients who prefer to have a well-balance diet meal delivered on their door step. Bento meals that are nutritiously prepared to prevent lifestyle-related diseases. Just heat the bento and bon appetit!

    Fees6 servings 1 time ~¥3,880 ~
    ※delivery cost exc.

※ Some services will be provided by our service partners.

※ Tax and transportation fee will be additionaly charged.

※These are optional services for clients using the regular service. Optional services cannot be used alone.

※ For details, please send us an inquiry!

Application on Spot Services

How to Acquire our Service?

KurashinityCOVID19 Precautionary

  • Daily monitoring of staff's health condition.
  • Staff's cleaning tools, cloths and slippers are constantly disinfected.
  • Wearing mask is a part of our staff's uniform.
  • Hand-washing and gargling are continuously conducted.
  • Airing out of confined spaces

Services area

*Providing housekeeping services in Tokyo and Kanagawa area.

*Some areas may need further consultation.

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