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FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Can you describe the staff that will be assigned to my residence?
All of our staff are required to undergo and pass a customized training curriculum before they are selected to come to Japan. The training focuses not only in housekeeping skills but also professionalism required in the service industry.
Is English communication possible?
During the initial visit, our English speaking sales staff together with the assigned housekeeper will be consulting with you the cleaning areas and the housekeeping task you wish to be done.
Our Filipina housekeeper can also communicate in English. Moreover, we have an English customer call center ready to assist you.
Can I use the service when I am not at home?
Kurashinity is a service designed to assist working people. Therefore, we cater a housekeeping service where clients can be away from home while we provide the service.
However, we request the clients to be at home during the initial visit.
How does your company manage the keys?
During the initial consultation, our sales person will be handing you a “Key-Holding Confirmation Sheet” which states that our company will be managing your spare keys during the service contract period.
Do your staff bring cleaning tools?
We will bring some cleaning cloths, but basically, we borrow the cleaning tools and detergents in your home. It will be smooth if you have a detergent suitable for the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, etc. In addition, we may ask you to prepare the necessary detergent at the first-time visit.
How does your company handle damages?
During the delivery of service, we ask clients to keep their valuables such as cash and jewelry. Nevertheless, in case items are broken due to our staff’s negligence, we are taking out liability insurance to cover the damages.
Is it possible to change the staff?
Kindly contact our customer support and we will re-educate our staff to attain your expectations. In case improvements are not accomplished, we will be changing the staff.
What is the payment method?
Currently, we only settle payments by credit card. (Visa , Master , JCB , AMEX , DINERS)
Can I change the service schedule time, dates or cancel the services?
Please contact us at least one business day ahead by 12:00 noon to process your request.
You have the option to reschedule within one month from the original service date.
However, in case you have contacted us after 12:00 noon on the previous business day before the service, or there was no contact between you and our customer center; this will be considered an “On-the-day-Cancellation” of which you will be charged the full amount of the service fees.
Is it possible to change the housekeeping task I requested?
Please contact our customer support and we will be cascading the change of request contents to the assigned staff.
What days and time can I utilize the service?
We provide housekeeping service on Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 18:00 (excluding weekends and public holidays).For other service hours, consult with us. Customer Center is available on weekdays (Mon. – Fri.) from 9:00 – 18:00. Call center is available from 10:00 – 17:00.
In case my service day falls on a holiday, can I still receive the service?
As we are close on holidays, there will be no services.
Can I request a one-time cleaning service?
Yes, we offer spot services to clients.
Can you provide services for residences living with pets?
During the service, we ask clients to keep your pets in cages. We can assist pet care chores such as feeding and change of toilet sheets. However, we currently do not offer pet-walking services nor touching your pets.
Can the staff hand-wash delicate clothes such as gym clothes and washable shoes?
Yes, please give instructions on how you want you these items to be hand-washed.