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HR Development Program

Pasona's unique training program

that supports world-class service quality

Pasona's exclusive human resource development program for foreign housekeepers.
This is the housekeeper development program, based on the housekeeping experience in Japan and overseas, Japanese communication skills, hospitality skills, we grade the housekeeper into the five grades.

Housekeeper Meister Program

Housekeeping Skills

Est. 280 hours

The staff have undergone trainings to familiarize the characteristics of Japanese residences and how to clean them. Moreover, the staff are educated on how to be a contributing member in the society, valuing the importance of the code of conduct and upholding with the utmost professionalism as professional housekeeper.

Japanese Communication Skills

Est. 300 hours

The staff are trained to learn basic Japanese in reading, writing and conversing.
As a housekeeper attaining this skill, the staff are able to communicate with clients, especially with those who have shopping task needs.
The staff are equipped with Japanese phrases that are frequently utilize in shopping chores.

Hospitality Skills

Est. 50 hours

The staff have a deep understanding of Japanese cultures and customs especially applying appropriate manners when receiving guest.
These skills are essential for clients who hold home parties and need help in attending the guest.

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