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We offer various plans that suits your lifestyle

Regular Service

Offering regular service befitting your lifestyle

Well-experienced Filipino staff who have undergone 400 hours of training, which is twice the mandated national requirement.
Regular services which include general cleaning, laundry, ironing, shopping, and any other housekeeping task that clients can customize that best fits their lifestyle.
A designated staff shall be assigned to your residence for every service. In this way, clients can feel rest assured.
We also offer a wide range of optional services for regular service clients.

Recommended to individuals looking for

Singles, Entrepreneur

Cleaning, laundry and daily housekeeping support

Singles, Entrepreneur
  • Busy singles
  • Away-from-home clients
  • Away on business trips
  • Away on business or vacation travels but wanting to keep your clean
  • Individuals anticipating relaxation

Working Couples with children

Kurashinity supports families busy with child care and parenting.

Working Couples with children
  • Working families
  • Families with children
  • Wanting to make more time for your children on the weekends

Senior / Working-from-home individuals

We can also assist at-home clients not only with daily housekeeping but also shopping, organizing, preparation and receiving guest during home parties.

Senior / Working-from-home individuals
  • Clients expecting many guests
  • Assisting clients with table setting and service tea to their guests
  • Assisting at-home clients who needs personal help
  • Clients who prefer English-speaking help
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Luxury Service

High-End Housekeeping Service

Kurashinity Luxury

Entrepreneurs, doctors and celebrities who prefer to acquire a more flexible and more customizable housekeeping service.
A regular housekeeping service provided by a staff categorized as 5STAR in our Housekeeping Meister Program. These staff not only have high housekeeping skills but also exceptional hospitality skills. With these expertise, the 5STAR staff can even assist you in receiving guest during your home parties.
Please contact us for more details.

Spot Service (One-time)

A one-time service where you feel like having it.

A one-time service suited for clients who want to have a quick housekeeping service in preparation for incoming guest, moving, general cleaning and etc.
A convenient one-time cleaning services that clients can utilize on the days they feel of having it.

Recommended to individuals looking for

  • For clients needing housekeeping help in preparation for sudden visits.
  • Year-end cleaning help by a housekeeping professional.
  • Clients who wats to outsource the cleaning before and after moving homes.
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KurashinityCOVID19 Precautionary

  • Daily monitoring of staff's health condition.
  • Staff's cleaning tools, cloths and slippers are constantly disinfected.
  • Wearing mask is a part of our staff's uniform.
  • Hand-washing and gargling are continuously conducted.
  • Airing out of confined spaces

Services area

*Providing housekeeping services in Tokyo and Kanagawa area.

*Some areas may need further consultation.

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