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Disinfection Service

This service can reduce the risk of infection not only for small children but also for elderly.

Features of Disinfection Service

Nano-diamond Catalyst,
Wipe-out infectious bacteria!

Anti-virus Nano-diamond spray ※Contains Nano-Diamond Catalyst component.

What makes this disinfection service one-of-a-kind!

Due to the Nano-Diamond’s 80% high alcohol concentration and UDD (exceptional Nano-Diamond Carbon) Catalyst function. The anti-virus effect are not only immediate but also long lasting.

  • Anti-bacteria + Anti-virus Effect + Long lasting disinfecting effect
  • Effective in disinfection, deodorization, and bacteria prevention in airplanes, train stations toilets, hospitals and medical facilities
  • SIAA (Antibacterial Product Technology Association) certified product for sustainability and safety
  • Recommended by Japan Cleaning Storage Association

Regular Cleaning
+ Disinfection Procedures

Regular Cleaning + Disinfection Procedures

Kurashinity can help you eradicate those tough germs and protect your family!

For Kurashinity’s Disinfection Service, 2 staff will be providing full cleaning of your kitchen, living area, dining area, bath, powder areas, toilet, entrance and etc. in 3 hours.
After the cleaning, the staff shall start the disinfection procedures by spraying the Anti-virus Nano Diamond disinfectant on the areas which your hands frequently touched.

  • Cleaning areas

    Kitchen・Toilet・Bathroom・Powder Area・Living・Dining・Entrance

  • To Disinfect Areas

    Focus on frequently touch points & surfaces・Door knobs・faucet・toilet seat・toilet cover・Switches・handles/levers, hand rails・Remote controller・toys・sofa arm rest・Table・chairs and etc.

※The disinfection service is designed for families desiring to decrease the risk of being infected by viral infections. This service however does not guarantee that consumers will not contract any viral infections.


2 staff x 3 hours

Disinfection Services Service fee per service Service hours per service Transportation Charge Total Fees
2 staff ¥25,000 3 hours ¥900 / service ¥25,900

※Tax exclusive

※For office and shop cleaning inquiries. Please contact us!

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KurashinityCOVID19 Precautionary

  • Daily monitoring of staff's health condition.
  • Staff's cleaning tools, cloths and slippers are constantly disinfected.
  • Wearing mask is a part of our staff's uniform.
  • Hand-washing and gargling are continuously conducted.
  • Airing out of confined spaces

Services area

*Providing housekeeping services in Tokyo and Kanagawa area.

*Some areas may need further consultation.

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